Calling It Sin

“I haven’t been writing,” I confessed to my friend who asked about it. “And honestly it is sin…”

Sitting in an auditorium with about 800 other women it hit me. All those days I hit snooze for one excuse after another and didn’t “have time to write” I was walking in sin.

I convinced myself that the word God gave me for 2014 was a suggestion… (my word is discipline the kind that keeps you organized and scheduled and on track).

But the truth is that I know God called me to write and I haven’t done it…and when I don’t do something I know God has guided me to do then I am sinning.

In fact Romans 14:23b says “For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” And there is a big part of my life that does not proceed from faith.

I don’t trust God to give me the energy I need to do what He has called me throughout the day, so I hit snooze.

I prefer my warm bed to obeying God’s guidance.

Instead of trusting God to bear fruit in my writing and speaking ministry I deem it hopeless and stop trying.

All things that do not proceed from faith that God will make my attempts at ministry effective if I only have faith…

So here I am a sinner in need of grace. Sending out into the world that I don’t have it figured out yet. I really do sin daily and I am desperately in need of a Savior.

Regardless of how insignificant waking up in the morning seems when I know God wants me to do it and I don’t I sin. And sin earns me death (Romans 6:23).

But the best news is that I have a Savior who paid the penalty for my sin (no matter how bad or how small they seem) and His mercies are new every morning.

I am going to set my alarm for 5 AM every morning…I am going to get in bed tonight and wake up tomorrow so I can obey God. And I am going to ask God to help me obey Him and NOT HIT SNOOZE.

What do you need to call sin in your life and what do you need to do to stop falling into that sin?

Consider asking a friend to help keep you accountable. And remember God will give you grace to not sin and mercy when you do sin.