Battles, Bruises, and Life


“When? When will I stop having to fight this battle? I thought I already won,” her words dripped frustration, fatigue, maybe shame.

bruises battles

We all have battles in different forms, but they wage war against our hearts and souls. I used to think that battles were either won or lost – a monument to success or failure. But war is messier than that.

Some battles rage over years. There are successes, lulls, defeats, retreats, and charges.

And God is there in the battle fighting for us, with us, equipping us, sending us, allowing us to stumble, fall, and still reminding us He is Lord of it all.

But the battles still cause wounds. Wounds that keep us up at night praying desperately, achingly, longingly. And somewhere in the desperate longing peace comes even when sleep doesn’t.

Battle wounds often heal with help from prescription drugs, counseling, retail therapy, or just a change in scenery.

Still there are long dark nights.

Nights that we acknowledge God is here and He will win, but it might not look like victory this side of eternity.

Nights when the battle wounds bring doubt and fear and like the Psalmist we wonder, “How long O LORD?”

Nights we pray the most difficult prayer, “Not my will, but THINE.”

But nights do end – if not in this short time on earth in eternity. And in the morning there will be joy.

So wounded warriors, let’s stand firm – prepared for battle and long nights. Trusting that God has won the victory and there will be joy in the morning.

What are you battling today? How may I pray for you?