Making Conversation: How to Communicate

Words issue from my mouth and sometimes they are gifts and bring life.

Other times they fly forth as weapons taking deadly aim.

They tear down those around me and myself.

And sometimes when someone asks, “What are you having for breakfast?” the question gets lost in translation.

I hear, “I want to be in your business” or “You can’t make decisions for yourself.”

And my words retaliate hard. It isn’t always in what I say. It is in how I say it.

The message is the same…the message of disapproval and annoyance. And a little part of my mark feels the pain of the arrows.

How do we communicate life?

1. Remember we don’t always translate messages accurately. So when something irritates you ask yourself why then ask the person you are talking to, “When you said ______________ I thought you meant _______________. Is that what you meant?” Often we will discover we misinterpreted. If not the person we are talking with will understand what her words are doing. Often this results in that person being more careful, but not always.

2. Decide how you want to respond. Once you know what the person you are talking with really meant, you need to pray for wisdom about how best to respond. It is ok to be angry, but don’t let your emotions carry your communication. Calmly discuss things in a respectful manner.

3. Choose beforehand that you want all your communications to bring life.

4. Listen more than you speak. James 1:19

5. Spend time in the life giving Word of God. You will find His Word will mold and shape your words.

6. Be careful what you allow your mind to dwell on. It changes what you say… Philippians 4:8


In what ways do you need to work on communication?