What Should Have Been: A Breakfast Mishap, Social Media and Choosing Laughter

I am a pretty good cook. I know my way around the kitchen well. So yesterday when I decided I would use my handy-dandy Tupperware Microwave Breakfast Maker, I figured it would be a snap.

I forgot that although I cook well, I lack grace. So when I sloshed the contents of the microwave cooker partially of the floor, I felt defeated.

Nailed it…

But before the negative mantra of klutz, or hot-mess began to play I started to laugh. Seriously laugh and I thought of you all and how we need to laugh at ourselves more. We need to be willing to share our mishaps and missteps along with our victories.

Social media is fun, but it shows our airbrushed, highlight reels and very few of our air balls. But it may take 1,000 air balls to just get one shot to swish in the net.  Air balls, crazy mishaps with Tupperware, and our mistakes are opportunities to laugh and learn. (Can you tell I love basketball?) So let’s shut down our inner critic and enjoy a good laugh.

P.S. My eggs tasted great even though they didn’t look too pretty.