Choosing Your Portion: How to Trust God with Your Life

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;
you hold my lot.  Psalm 16:5 ESV

A portion, a meal, sustenance, what fills our bellies, and nourishes our bones.

This psalmist says that he chooses the LORD to feast upon, to sustain him through all his days. I wonder, what is my chosen portion? What do I choose to fill myself with? Do I opt for junk food of accomplishment, social media, or acceptance. They may give me a sugar rush of fulfillment or excitement, but they don’t last. When I come to those things hungry for joy or fulfillment, they eventually let me down. When I do not choose the LORD as my portion I cannot flourish, just like junk food will give me a boost for a little while, but in the long run it leaves me malnourished and depleted.

When I choose to make God my cup, he is what quenches my thirst. He is the water to my day. Have you ever felt so thirsty your throat felt like a sandy desert and your lips felt like baked earth? The only thing that can quench that type of thirst is water. When thirsty soda feels like cough syrup sliding down my throat, milk like cotton has filled my mouth, but water will satisfy. When I choose God as my cup, I decide God is where I find my greatest joy, fulfillment, and hope. And His well never runs dry. When life is dry, God is my cup. When storms rage, He is my thirst quenching drink. In the darkest nights after the longest battle He fills my cups to overflowing. And in the beautiful spring days, He is the water that allows me to enjoy the sun.

But too often I fill my plate with circumstances and run to the well of self to quench my thirst. I seek sustenance from what I think I want rather than what I know I need. I get spiritually fat, but malnourished and I wonder why I am un happy. All because I chose a portion and a cup other than the Lord. I trusted in myself, my emotions, my circumstances, my abilities rather than in the One who satisfies all my thirst and nourishes my soul.

How do I trust God with my life? I choose to make Him my portion and my cup.

Today I choose the Lord as my portion and cup. What do you choose?