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Angela Mackey is known for her humorous and poignant anecdotes that keep her audiences laughing, crying, and examining their own lives. While sharing her struggles and failures, she offers practical ways to apply scripture to daily life. Her passion is to encourage women to renew their minds through God’s word that they may live transformed lives.

Angela started teaching Sunday School to young children in her early teens. Since then, she has led Bible Studies, book studies, directed a MOPS group, and taught a Leadership class to high school students. Angela has experience teaching Sunday School to adults, women, fifth and sixth graders, and college and career ages. She currently works with high school students. Angela also has a Master’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Leadership development coach, speaker, and trainer. She specializes in DISC training and Youth/Family programs. She is also a Registered Nurse and has worked as a school nurse, ICU nurse, and hematological nurse. She lives in the Arkansas River Valley with her husband and three children–two conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

Speaking Requests

Fill out the speaker inquiry form online or email Angela here about your event. She speaks on many topics and would be pleased to pray with you to develop a custom talk for your specific group.

Expect to hear from Angela within 2 business days from your inquiry.

Speaking Topics


Trust in the Lord – A Study of Psalm 20

How in this wild crazy world do we trust in God? Trust in the Lord is a three to four session retreat long topic, but it can be condensed into a short talk. During this retreat we will discover:

  • How knowing God’s name helps us learn to trust Him.
  • Practical ways to stake our joy and trust in God alone.
  • How to prepare for difficult times so we will trust God.

The Lord my Shepherd – A Study of Psalm 23

This study walks through the familiar 23rd Psalm and helps you discover your need for a Good Shepherd and how to be the sheep who follows and trusts Him. This talk can be divided into three to four sessions for a retreat or shortened into two sessions. In this study you will discover:

  • That God is worthy and so we can rest in Him.
  • God longs to restore so we can find comfort in His reproof.
  • Knowing God has filled us with what we need we will be challenged to reach others for His glory.

Battling Joy “Stookers”

Joy stookers are things we allow to steal or take our joy for today. Financial stress, health problems, relationships in turmoil, and the disease of comparison are joy stookers that we all encounter. In this session you will learn:

  • How we allow the stookers to steal our joy
  • Practical tools to battle joy stookers
  • How to find joy despite our circumstances

Wrestling with God

There are so many things we do not understand. These issues rattle our faith and drive us to our knees. Through this talk you will discover:

  • That God is bigger than our faith shaking issues
  • How to cling to God as you ask Him your questions
  • How to wrestle with Him so that you will be changed and blessed

Faith that is Big Enough

Often we are told if only we had enough faith then something in life would have gone better or our way – we would be healed, we would have not financial problems. In this session you will learn:

  • How to lay down the burden of having enough faith
  • What “big enough” faith looks like
  • Practical ways to maintain a strong faith while facing your fiery furnace

Loving Well

In this world we encounter folks who are difficult to love. This talk will offer:

  • A mindset that will help you love those who are difficult.
  • Give you practical ways to love those who rub you wrong.
  • Help you set wise boundaries to prevent enabling others in poor decision making.

Honor Changes Things (a new parenting strategy)

Raising children it is easy to think that we are the parents and so our children MUST obey. However teaching our children honor and treating them with honor changes not only our children, but ourselves.

Sex, How to Teach Your Kids About It

This talk encourages parents to begin a healthy ongoing conversation about sex with their children. This offers tools to help parents create a healthy, godly view of sex.